Pre-Order Darmoshark M3 MICRO 42g PAM3395 Gaming Mouse


8K Gaming Esports Mouse Wireless Bluetooth 26000DPI Optical PAM3395 Computer Mouse For Laptop PC

Sensors :PAW3395

Battery :300mAh

Master Controls:

Nordic N52840

Micro switch:TTC BlueDot Falcon Micro Action

Encoder:TTC Golden Wheel

Left and right switch life: 100 million


Weight: 41.56±2G


Interface: USB 2.0 type-c interface.

Maximum speed:650IPS


FPS imageprocessing:26000fps

DPI:26000 DPI (Drive setting)


(Drive settings)

Wired/2.4G returns :Red light 125HZ, blue light 500HZ (default), green light 1000HZ.

.Bluetooth return rate: default 125HZ is not adjustable.

SPI sampling time:Change synchronously

with the rate of return: 8ms/2ms (default) /1ms.

Driver installation: only Windows system is supported Wired and 2.4G modes: WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11/MacosBluetooth mode: Win8/Win10/Win11/Macos


>Ultra-Lightweight Compact Three-Mode Wireless Mouse.

>Designed Exclusively For Small and Medium-Sized Hands.

>High-End PAW3395 Sensor.

>Up to 8K Response Rate.

>Three-Mode Versatile Connectivity.

>Nordic Main Control Chipset.

>Built-in High-Capacity 300mAh Battery.

>Up to 84 Hours of Battery Life.

>Exclusive Driver Integration.

>Delicate Smooth Coating.

>PTFE Feet For Smooth Glide With Low-Friction.

>Soft Paracord Type-C Cable.

>Two Color Options(White/Black).

>Smooth and Satisfying Clicking Experience.

>Lightweight Ergonomics(42 Grams only).

>Dimensions: 105.5*54.6*33.5mm.

Darmoshark M3 Micro is a compact and versatile three-mode wireless gaming mouse designed especially for small and medium hands. Darmoshark has equipped the M3 Micro with a flagship PAW3395 sensor along with a NORDIC main control chipset. It has a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. The M3 Micro supports a maximum polling rate of 8K, enabling a lightning-fast response time of just 0.125ms. Darmoshark M3 Micro is an ideal gaming mouse with an ultra-lightweight form factor of just 42 grams. Let’s upgrade your gaming mouse with the Darmoshark M3 Micro and take your gaming performance to new heights!!

Ultra-Compact Micro Form Factor:-

Darmoshark M3 Micro is a super compact and handy gaming mouse. It has a super small form factor making the mouse a good choice for small and medium-sized hand people. Most products in the market are designed for medium to large-size hands, but the M3 Micro’s ergonomics have been carefully adjusted for a better comfort for people with small hands. It has a flat-grip style profile.

Compact But Mighty:-

Don’t get fooled by the small and compact size of the Darmoshark M3 Micro gaming mouse. The mouse features top-quality components such as a PAW3395 sensor that enables 26000DPI maximum sensitivity, 650IPS tracking speed, and 50g acceleration. Darmoshark M3 Micro provides silky smooth tracking with pixel-precise accuracy!!

Up To 8K Wireless Polling Rate Support:-

With the help of the Nordic 52840 main control chipset, the Darmoshark M3 Micro promises top-level flagship mouse performance. It enables 8K polling rate on the mouse and offers efficient power management as well. With 8K return rate, the mouse has a lightning-fast response time of just 0.125ms. Do note that the package includes a 1K receiver, the 8K receiver has to be bought separately.

Flagship-Level Silky Smooth Sensor:-

Darmoshark M3 Micro gaming mouse is equipped with PAW3395 flagship-level sensor. It promises silky smooth mouse movement with accurate tracking. The mouse gets a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. The mouse has a silky-smooth tracking performance with precise cursor movement.

Convenient Three-Mode Connectivity:-

Darmoshark M3 Micro supports versatile three-mode connectivity. The mouse can be connected to a variety of devices as it supports wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB connection modes. The package includes a soft-paracord USB connector cable.

Long-Lasting Battery:-

With the Darmoshark M3 Micro, you never have to worry about the battery running out. The mouse houses a 300mAh rechargeable-battery, that provides an outstanding battery life of up to 84 hours with a full charge.