Pre-Order Darmoshark M5 Esports Gaming Mouse 4k 8K Wireless Bluetooth Tri-mode Mice 26K DPI Optical PAM3395 N52840

Product model:M5

Sensors :PAW3395

Battery :300mAh

Master Controls: Nordic N52840

Micro switch:Kailh White Blade Micromotion

Encoder: F-SWITCH Golden wheel

Left and right switch life: 100 million


Weight: 38±2g


Interface: USB 2.0 type-c interface.

Maximum speed:650IPS

Acceleration:50GFPS image


DPI:26000 DPI (Drive setting)

DPI:26000DPI(Drive settings)Wired/2.4G returns :400 red light, 800 blue light (default), 1600 green light, 3200 purple light and 4800 yellow light.

Bluetooth return rate: default 125HZ is not adjustable.

SPI sampling time:Change synchronously with the rate of return: 8ms/2ms (default) /1ms.

Driver installation: only Windows system is supportedWired and 2.4G modes: WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11/Macos

Bluetooth mode: Win8/Win10/Win11/Macos

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>Ultra-Lightweight Wireless 8K Gaming Mouse.

>Designed Especially for FingerTip Grip Players.

>High-End PAW3395 Sensor.

>Nordic52840 Main Control Chipset.

>8K Polling Rate Support.

>Three-Mode Versatile Connectivity.

>38g Ultralightweight Mouse.

>Built-in Long-Lasting Battery.

>Exclusive Driver Support.

>Delicate Skin-Friendly Coating.

>PTFE Curling Feet.

>Soft Paracord Cable.

>Two Color Options.

Darmoshark M5 is a brand-new three-mode wireless gaming mouse with 8K Polling Rate support. The mouse has an optimized shape and design for fingertip-style grip users. It adopts the flagship PAW3395 sensor offering a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. It supports versatile three-mode connectivity supporting wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB connection modes. The Darmoshark M5 has an ultra-lightweight design, weighing in at just 38 grams!! Elevate your gaming performance with the excellence of Darmoshark M5!!

Designed For Fingertip Grip:-

Darmoshark M5 has been specially designed for people who have a Fingertip-style grip on the mouse. The design has been optimized so that the pressure doesn’t come up on the hand. and users can have a comfortable grip with proper angular placement of fingertips on the mouse.

8K Wireless Polling Rate Support:-

Darmoshark bundles the M5 with a 4K receiver. It has a built-in NXP high-speed main control chipset that enables a response time of 0.125ms. It provides 8K polling rate performance with smooth and accurate mouse movement and ensures seamless operation.

High-End PAW3395 Sensor:-

The Darmoshark M5 gaming mouse is equipped with a high-end PAW3395 sensor. It provides silky-smooth mouse movement, precise control of the tracking, and has a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI with 650IPS tracking speed and 50g acceleration.

Ultra-Lightweight Design:-

Darmoshark M5 gaming mouse has an ultra-lightweight design. The mouse weighs just 38 grams, probably one of the lightest mice on the planet with 8K polling rate support. Ultra-lightweight chassis and ergonomic shape is the perfect combination for a comfortable mouse.

Three-Mode Convenient Connectivity:-

Darmoshark M5 gaming mouse has support for three-mode convenient connectivity. The mouse supports wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB connection modes. Connect the mouse to your source device with your choice of connection mode easily.

Finger Grip Gamer – Ideal

Designed for fingertip grip players for more responsive control

Featuring an ergonomic design, it is tailored for fingertip grip players. The lightweight
body and subtle curves provide unrivalled control and comfort. Make every
click more satisfying. Upgrade your gaming experience.

Wireless 8KHz return

8K Receiver with NXP Master Control Plus

M5 mouse with 4K receiver and built-in NXP high-speed master controller
chip, the response time is only 0.125ms, making the movement of the cursor
trajectory more delicate, to ensure seamless operation and ultimate control.

PAW3395 Sensor

High performance gaming grade sensors

Equipped with PAW3395 sensor and 26,000 DPI high-precision tracking, it can easily cope with
both delicate drawing and intense gaming, accurately capturing the details of
every operation, allowing for quicker response and more precise control.

Built-in high capacity lithium battery

Long-lasting power, unlimited passion

Built-in 300 mAh polymer lithium battery, 1K mode with the light off lasts up to 84 hours, 55 hours with the
light on; 4K mode with the light off 25 hours, 21 hours with the light on. Day and night, long-lasting
battery life, accompanied by you to enjoy every moment of the game, as if never-ending
source of combat power.

38g lightweight structural design

Light and easy to manoeuvre

The M5 mouse weighs only 38±2 grams and offers an unprecedented lightweight control experience.
Whether you’re gaming or working, you’ll feel at ease with every click.

Dedicated driver to unlock more gameplay

Driver customisation – no burden on scoring

Precise DPI adjustment, professional return rate settings, allowing gamers to unlock the mouse
for more play plus exclusive macro functions, custom programming, making the game easier.

The value of colour, the choice is yours.

Dazzling dual-colour, the beauty of the palm of your hand; precise control, enjoy boundless

Silence (black), white moon (white) 2 colours, to bring the ultimate control
experience quasi-responsive, personalised colour, choose
as you wish, showing elegance and unique taste.