Pre-Order Darmoshark N5 PAW3395 8K Gaming Wireless Mouse

>Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse.

>Up to 8000Hz Wireless Polling Rate Support.

>Three-Mode Convenient COnnectivity.

>57g Lightweight Design.

>Flagship PAW3395 Gaming-Grade Sensor.

>Maximum Sensitivity 26000DPI.

>Nordic 52840 Master Control Chipset.

>Asymmetrical Ergonomic Right-Hand Grip Shape.


Product model:N5
Sensors :PAW3395
Battery :500mAh
Master Controls: Nordic N52840
Micro switch:TTC TTC Golden Wheel
Encoder: TTC TTC Golden Whee

Clicks: 60-100 million times

Weight: 57±2g


DPI:26000 DPI (Drive setting)

DPI:26000DPI(Drive settings)

Wired/2.4G returns :Red light 125HZ, blue light 500HZ (default), green light 1000HZ.

Bluetooth return rate: default 125HZ is not adjustable.

SPI sampling time:Change synchronously with the rate of return: 8ms/2ms (default) /1ms.

Maximum speed:650IPS


FPS image processing:26000fps

Driver installation: only Windows system is supported

Wired and 2.4G modes: WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11/Macos

Bluetooth mode: Win8/Win10/Win11/Macos

>Asymmetrical Ergonomic Right-Hand Grip Shape.

>PTFE Feet.

>Soft Paracord Cable.

>Delicate Skin-Friendly Coating.

>Exclusive Driver Integration.

>Three Exquisite Color Options.

Darmoshark N5 is a brand new three-mode wireless gaming mouse that promises industry-leading performance with 8K Wireless polling rate support. With an 8000Hz polling rate, the N5 has a silky smooth mouse glide, pixel-precise accuracy for even the minutest of movements, and an astonishingly fast response time of just 0.125ms. It is a three-mode mouse supporting wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB connectivity options. Darmoshark has designed the mouse with an asymmetrical right-hand ergonomic shape making the mouse a comfortable choice for right-hand users. We are super excited for the Darmoshark N5, are you??

Astonishingly Fast:-

The Darmoshark N5 is an astonishingly fast gaming mouse. It has a polling rate of up to 8K, the fastest in the industry so far. With such a fast polling rate, the mouse has a response time of just 0.125ms. It is about 8 times faster than a regular gaming mouse with a 1K return. It offers silky-smooth mouse control with accurate tracking and great precision.

Enjoy The Freedom of Connectivity:-

Darmoshark N5 is a mouse designed with full freedom. You get versatile three-mode connectivity supporting wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB connectivity options. Darmoshark bundles a high-quality flexible paracord cable with the mouse for a strong USB connection.

Comfortable Ergonomics For Excellent Grip:-

Darmoshark N5 features an asymmetrical right-hand ergonomic design. The shape of the mouse has been optimized for a comfortable right-hand grip. if you are a right-handed user, the N5 will provide you with excellent comfort and design.

High-End Gaming Sensor:-

Darmoshark N5 houses a high-end PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor. It provides a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI and, a tracking speed of 650IPS. It is a proven sensor equipped in many flagship gaming mice today. The N5 gets great benefits with this sensor, such as smooth and precise accuracy for every movement.

High-Quality Master-Control Chipset:-

Right next to the flagship PAW3395 sensor, we have NORDIC 52840 high-end master control chipset. It provides efficient power management as well as connectivity ensuring stable 8K wireless 2.4GHz connectivity with no lag whatsoever. It also maintains better battery management even at such high connectivity rates.