Chuột Gaming Darmoshark M3S Wireless Bluetooth Tri-mode

Darmoshark M3s Gaming Mouse Wireless Bluetooth Tri-mode 26000DPI PAM3395 Computer Optical Mini 2Khz Mice For Laptop PC

Form chuột đối xứng
Pixart PMW3395 IC, cảm biến 26K DPI đời mới nhất
Trọng lượng: 55G siêu nhẹ
Thời lượng pin từ 80 giờ-120 giờ
Swtich TTC gold chống doubleclick
Sử dụng Con lăn TTC Gold siêu xịn
3 chế độ kết nối Dây / Wireless 2.4GHz / Bluetooth 5.0
Kết nối 2K ( NANO Receiver) cho độ trễ 0.3ms
Tốc độ phản hồi lên tới 2000Hz
Color : 7 màu ( Yellow -Red -White- Black-Pink- Grey-Purple)



>High-Speed Low-Latency Gaming Mouse.

>Upto 2000Hz Return Rate.

>Feather-Like Lightweight Design.

>Flagship-Grade PAW3395 Gaming Sensor.

>TTC Dustproof Gold-Plated Micro-Motion Switches.

>TTC Golden Scroll Wheel With RGB Lighting.

>Three-mode Versatile Connectivity.

>Long-Lasting Battery.

>Custom Macro Programming.

>Smooth Glide, Fast Clicks, Perfect Gaming Performance.

>Great Durability.

Darmoshark has introduced the all-new M3-S, a brand new three-mode versatile gaming mouse that supports fast performance with a return rate of up to 2000Hz. The mouse has a feature-like lightweight design and provides exceptional performance with the flagship PAW3395 gaming sensor. Darmoshark M3-S adopts TTC dustproof micro-motion keys along with TTC golden scroll wheel that offer great durability with easy usage. Upgrade your gaming setup with the all-new Darmoshark M3-S.

High-Speed Low-Latency Connection:-

Darmoshark M3-S gaming mice support high-speed low-latency connectivity with support of 2000Hz polling rate. The return rate can be adjusted up to 2000Hz offering smooth tracking, faster trigger response, and improved accuracy.

Flagship Gaming Sensor:-

Darmoshark M3-S gaming mice house PAW3395 flagship gaming sensor. It not only brings improved accuracy but also has precise aiming and proper tracking both of which greatly help in getting better performance in video games. The PAW3395 enables the Mose to have an adjustable DPI up to 26000DPI, maximum 650ips tracking speed, and 50G acceleration.

Convenient Three-Mode Connection Options:-

Users can connect the Darmoshark M3-S as they like as the mouse supports convenient three-mode connectivity. The available options on the mouse are wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth V5.0, and wired USB Type-C connectivity. Three Mode connection allows the user to connect the mouse to a wide variety of devices as well.

Comfortable Ergonomics & Lightweight Aesthetics:-

Darmoshark M3-S is a neatly designed gaming mouse. For complete comfort, the mouse is designed with an ergonomic shape that provides a comforting grip to most users. The mouse has a lightweight design weighing just 54 grams.

TTC Gold-Plated Micro-Motion Switches:-

Darmoshark M3-S gaming mouse comes equipped with high-quality dust-proof gold-plated micro-motion switches designed by TTC. They have smooth-clicking feedback with a quick rebound. You also get a high-quality TTC scroll wheel for accurate scrolling.

Long-Lasting Battery:-

Darmoshark M3-S gaming mouse houses a 500mAh high-capacity battery that provides the mouse with an incredible battery life. Once fully charged, the M3-S lasts for up to 80 hours on a 1000Hz polling rate and up to 65 hours on a 2000hz polling rate.